Artificial methods to extend and compress your hair

These artificial methods extend and compress your hair and help them gain more volume and length.

Woman with beautiful hair extension
Woman with beautiful hair extension

To renew your semi-long hair or have just fed your too thin hair? Extensions works with both – extend and compacting. This strands are attached synthetic on real hair at the base of your own hair. A great wow factor for a glamorous look with big hair or a permanent solution for everyday use with thinning hair!

Movie stars practice it constantly: yesterday in an interview with normal hair today on the red carpet with beautiful extensions. This strands are attached synthetic or real hair at the base of your own hair.
For a hair thickening wrong strands are used, which are the same length as the real hair – a hair extension can take longer. Would you like to have? No problem. There are several techniques that allow the hair to extend or compress. It is ideal if your own hair is about chin length. But hair lengths of six to ten centimeters can be extended with proper technique.
Healthier for the hair as a wig as a second hairstyle
Earlier extensions were merged at high heat with your own hair. Today, the techniques are so gentle and sophisticated that no damage to the main own hair is to be feared. In this respect a wig extensions are preferable: The fabric of the scrubs namely wig on your own hair. If you often carry a second hair style, your own hair might suffer thereby and become brittle and splicing.
Clip-In Extensions, you can make yourself

The easiest and most flexible extensions variant are Clip-In Extensions: These strands can attach themselves with clips and brackets, and then remove it as needed. Ideal if you just want to try how you can use the look. Or if you are looking for a special occasion finally want a Lorelei Mane, an updo or a long ponytail.
Permanent extensions available only on professional
If you are looking for a permanent solution or have to deal with bald spots, you should consult a specially trained hairdresser to renew or consolidate your hair. There are several patents. But the principle is always the same: On your own hair a foreign hair is attached near the scalp. Depending on the length of the external hair one hair thickening and hair extension is reached, or a combination of both.
How long does the splendor?
If the hair has grown back, the highlights are solved, depending on the method of four to eight weeks or until after three to six months back and re-attached approach.
Hair washing, sauna, swimming – no problem
Do not worry: you can go in the sauna or the swimming pool with extensions. And wash your hair care and styling – but do not use this oil or alcohol-based products. So do not get tangled hair, you should not wash and blow dry upside down. Twice a day should you brush your head of hair with a soft brush with widely spaced bristles. At night you should braid your hair into a ponytail – thus the hair do not rub against each other and thus are less stressed. A regular “clean cut” at the hairdresser ensures that the artificially extended always looks really nice and clean.
How much?
The dream of a long and full hair is not cheap: Prices vary greatly and depend mainly amount and type of hair, and the method chosen. While clip-ins are already from 40 $, costs permanent hair extension 500 to 1,000 $ (and sometimes much more), at least 200 $ are due for a hair thickening.

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