Best Care For Normal Hair

Her hair shines, is flexible and easy to comb? Congratulations, you have normal hair and thus belong to a minority.

Keep your hair healthy
Keep your hair healthy

Normal hair it is now one of the exceptions, because it is not colored, tinted or permed. All these procedures are designed to give our life and express our individuality. They increase our attractiveness, and make beautiful, sexy and so happy. But at the same time they mean a strain on our hair – it needs additional care that would otherwise not need it.Beware the health of your hair like a treasure! If you treat it well, you can get its naturalness for a lifetime.

The right shampoo
To normal hair to get healthy, it is advisable to use a mild shampoo and do not wash your hair daily. Every two to three days is enough perfectly.In this way, the scalp and the hair is enough time to regenerate the natural acid mantle again. The pH is best in slightly acidic, ie, at about 5.5.

And after the wash?
Once a week you should incorporate a rinsing the hair to get it soft and manageable. Enter the flushing especially in the tips and lengths, skip the approach. The amount you should vote on your hair length. Lot does not help much. Every few weeks, we recommend a nourishing conditioner. This means that the sun can not exert any harmful effects on your hair, products with integrated UV protection in summer are often helpful.

Styling products for normal hair
People with normal and healthy hair are lucky, because basically any hairstyle and styling each product is possible.

What the hairdresser can do
If you have normal hair, you need some professional help: A good cut, and the hair was supposed to sit. If you still want more art, on a perm or a new hair color, there are products that protect the hair. And do not worry that you are harming your beautiful hair by coloring or permanent waves: yes every colored, tinted or permed hair grows Luckily again – and what is nachsprießt because your hair healthy and normal!

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