Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin

Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin. we often admire skin perfection of the celebrities in magazines and on screens, and not infrequently we have a shock when we see the on the street without makeup.

Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin
Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin

All skin imperfections disappear under the effect of magic foundation. Many wonder how eyes seem so big and lips full and appetizing only with makeup?

Makeup not only change your appearance but protect your skin from pollution in the atmosphere, the sudden temperature changes, dehydration and harmful effects of UV. First of all you must take care of the skin and buy a better foundation for a healthy skin!

Foundation is chosen in daylight and apply on face and not on hand! Summer when we tan we need a darker foundation on which we can not use it in winter! But it’s always better to use a moisturizer with SPF! (Sun protection factor). The foundation has three roles: beauty (a good looking skin, color, coating, skin type), Protection (UV, dry air, oxidation) and satisfaction (good condition, type of foundation chosen according to the result and desired his instructions). Apply foundation evenly with a sponge, which can take a larger amount of product.

Soft Finish Make Up - Clinique
Soft Finish Make Up – Clinique

For skin with wrinkling tendencies:

If your skin is wrinkled, use a liquid foundation, in small quantities, applied with the sponge. The effect of lifting forms an elastic pelicuta stretches the skin.Hydration is essential before makeup. Typically, these complexions have pimples and blackheads, so they indicate a foundation to cover small, oil-based. Since wrinkles may occur not recommend products with pearlescent particles.

Recommendations:  Lancome – Color Ideal; Resilience Lift Extreme- Estee Lauder;  Soft Finish Make Up – Clinique; Age Renew – Max Factor.

L'Oreal Accord Parfait
L’Oreal Accord Parfait

For dry skin:

If your skin is fragile, dry, water-based products will dehydrate your skin, so it is advisable to use oil-based products.

Recommendations: Lift make up the Luxe – Revlon: contains soy extract vitamnina A that stretch the skin, avocado and acacia extract that moisturizes; L’Oreal Accord Parfait


For oily skin:

For an oily skin and pimples important is to cover the enlarged pores. From casual sebum secretion, makeup does not last more than a few hours, so use less foundation, oil free and combat really glossy powder (touches during the day). Long-WERA formulas, long-stay or stay-put hold well and prevent shiny appearance. Compact products (cream or powder) are recommended, although sometimes a thick skin too oily.

Max Factor Lasting Performance
Max Factor Lasting Performance

Recommendations: Rimmel Perfect Compact 3 in 1 formula, enriched with natural silicone, gives skin a natural and bright. Can be found in three (Nude, Natural Beige, Soft Beige); Ideal Balance – L’Oreal has a double action: the control of skin and sweat shining and protecting dry, sensitive. Matifiaza and protects skin, providing a fresh and clean. Can be found in 12 different colors; Max Factor Lasting Performance, Norma Teint Anti-Imperfection Foundation – Vichy.

For normal skin:

For normal skin you can make up with everything: cream colored, transparent skin funds, 3in1 (saves you from powder) sticks. Want a supernatural effect, slightly shiny? Use a liquid product that you stretch your fingers a few minutes. Do not use powder to finish.

Recommendations: Magic Skin Make-up – Astor; Cool Matte 16Hr Mousse: an innovation from Rimmel. An incredible feeling of freshness and a matte finish for 16 hours. Stay cool in the hottest situations!

Cool Matte 16Hr Mousse: an innovation from Rimmel
Cool Matte 16Hr Mousse: an innovation from Rimmel

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