Create SEO Friendly Website For Small Businesses – Infographic

Create SEO Friendly Website For Small Businesses – Infographic

I found some useful tips for small-business websites. The original content is essential for your SEO and to your position on search pages.


SEO-Friendly Website For Small Businesses - Infographic
Ways To Create SEO-Friendly Website For Small Businesses – Infographic


1. Write Engaging Copy
Content on your website has to do more than just exist – it has to entice readers. Get them to engage with your site further by understanding how your product or service can solve their problems, or establish your reputation by becoming a thought leader in your industry with a well-developed blog.

2. Create Clear Calls-to-Action
One great way to foster that engagement is by using CTAs to send consumers around your site. This way, they have the opportunity to connect to products or services that are directly applicable to the content at hand.

3. Optimize for Semantic Search
While keywords were essential for best SEO practices of the past, Google no longer places emphasis on specific words and phrases anymore. Now, it’s all about accurate and interesting information that consumers can actually use.

4. Make it Mobile Friendly
Mobile optimization is critical, especially since the majority of web traffic now comes from mobile search. There are many reasons that you should optimize your mobile site, but the impact it has on your search rankings is among the most important.

5. Use Schema Markup
Never heard of schema before? That’s OK! Schema markups are a behind-the-scenes way to organize your website – and they can do wonders for your overall site quality.

6. Include a Location for Google+
You’ve likely got your address listed on your site, but if you have a physical site where customers can purchase a product or service directly, putting this address front and center is critical for search value.

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