DIY decor ball with coffee beans

DIY decor ball with coffee beans

Because I love coffee so much (to drink and the smell of it) I started to use it in decorating ideas. I made over the years many terracotta pots, shadow trays, topiaries, decor balls.

When I made such a ball decorated with coffee beans, it was hard, time consuming, nerve wracking. My beans were falling because the glue was not enough or was too much and the ball was messy not to mention my burnt fingers. Then, in time, several hundreds later,  I became very good of this  and changed even the glue gun with a low temperature one.

In my image you can see what you need make such a decoration:

– a styrofoam ball (I use a 10 cm one) 0.3 $ /piece

– brown acrylic paint and brush

– glue gun and sticks

– coffee beans (150 grams)

– brown satin ribbon

DIY decor ball with coffee beans
DIY decor ball with coffee beans

1. First I put a bamboo stick into the ball then I painted the ball and let it dry.

2. I started to glue the beans from the middle line of the ball (you can see it in the image). Because my gun is low temp I put the glue onto the ball (3-4 cm) and then yhe beans (move fast!). Make one row complete at a time.

3. When finished, make a satin bow and glue it at one end.

Patience and good luck!

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