DIY One Shoulder Dress: Quick & Easy

Strapless dresses are always at the top of the fashion list, but we thought it was time to change it up with a few fast and easy ways to turn them into one-shoulder dazzlers. You can add one of these fabulous treatments to a dress you already own, or build it into your plans for a new one. Just remember to have fun!

Lovely in lace

Use the scalloped edge of lace to create a shoulder strap. Measure from the top of the bodice front to the back and add 1.” Our strap measures 31/4″ wide, but you can make it as wide as you like. To get the double-scalloped-edge effect, cut the strap length along one scalloped edge. Cut the scalloped edge away from the remaining fabric and hand sew it to the opposite side of the strap. Handstitch the strap to the front and back bodice.

Twist and shout

Measure from the top of the bodice front to the back and add 6″ for the length of the strap. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 10″ wide by the length of the strap. With right sides together, stitch the two long edges; turn right side out and press. Gather one narrow edge to measure 31/4″ and hand stitch to the top of the bodice front. At the shoulder, make a single twist and thread tack. Continue twisting softly until you reach the back. Secure with hand stitches. Trim any excess fabric.

Go for the gold

Use purchased silk roses to create this stunning strap. (Lightweight fl owers work best.) Cut a length of 1″-wide ribbon, long enough to reach from the top of the front bodice to the back. Secure the ribbon to the dress with hand stitches. Arrange roses along the length of the ribbon and hand sew securely to the ribbon.

DIY One Shoulder Dress
DIY One Shoulder Dress

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