Exciting Facts About Hair

Did you know that blondes have more hairs on the head as a red-haired or brunette? We’ll tell you exciting, curiosities and interesting facts about hair.

Blonde hair

Each hair consists of a root, which is embedded under the scalp in a small bag the follicles and help the hair to growing from the scalp.

Depending on the cross section of the follicle the hair can be smooth, wavy, or curly: the round of the cross-section the smoother is the hair, cross-section is elliptical the curly is the hair.

The follicles attached to oil glands produce sebum, which help and protects naturally hair.
For hair to grow it must be supplied with nutrients via the bloodstream. This is done with the help of the papilla at the base of each hair.
Also sit on the hair follicle melanocytes. These are cells that make the pigment of the hair. These pigments determine our hair color.
That which we call colloquially as hair, horn threads are made of keratin, which contains traces of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur. For the same protein substance are also cornea or finger and toe nails.
Under the microscope the hair look like a pine cone. The hair is healthy, the scales are tight. Then the hair can reflect the light well, with dark and straight hair more shine as a bright and curly – in the glossy red mane power lies exactly in between. The hair is damaged, however, are the scales on the hair shaft. Then our main hair looks dull and lackluster.
A single strand of hair has a diameter of approximately .03 to .12 millimeters. Blond hair is usually thinner than dark or red hair.
On average, a single hair wearing 100 grams. This corresponds to the weight of a normal chocolate bar. When dry hair can carry much more weight than in the wet.
Hair is extremely flexible and give only to the case of large loads: Moisture hair can expand by up to 50 percent. When a hair is elongated by not more than 10 percent, even it is elastic enough to pull back together.
Blonde women have very much hair on the head, namely 150,000. Redhead with 90,000 the least. In midfield, and black-haired brunette with 110,000 associated with about 100,000 hairs.
On average hair grows 0.2 to 0.4 millimeters per day, which is about one centimeter a month. The total daily production of a human hair is about 30 meters – more in summer and less in winter.
A hair grows two to six years, and then it goes into a sleep mode for several months and eventually falls out – if it was not already torn by rabid combing, washing or dry rubbing.
A man loses a day on average 80 to 100 hairs. Please do not be frightened – this is the normal shedding! The loss makes room for young talent.
A psychological study of the Institute of the Foundation for Empirical Social Research, Nuremberg, has revealed that the first contact between people’s hair stand on second only to the face and before the figure and the clothes.
In a Lyrics Database 33 songs were found with the line “blond hair”. For “black hair”, there were 25 hits for “red hair” and 13 “brown hair” was sung only 4 songs.
Only one in three women between 14-64 years is very happy with her hair. The main problems are to thin, fine hair without volume, greasy, stähniges hair and dandruff.
On average we spend 120 days of our lives with the care of hair and scalp.
For 94 percent of all women the shampoo is the most important hair care product, followed by hair spray. 60 percent of women use it occasionally, and 24 percent even daily. One in three women dyed their hair regularly or get darker.

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