Garden decorations – ideas for the outdoor season

Garden decorations – ideas for the outdoor season

Fresh air pulls us out of the house on balcony, terrace and in the garden waiting for the sun. With our ideas for garden decorations you can make yourself outside your four walls so beautiful. What do you think about birdhouses from old dishes, plant flowers in pasta strainers? Be inspired by our garden decor ideas and spend the summer outdoors!

How do you like our ideas for garden decorations?

Garden decorations - ideas for the outdoor season
Garden decorations – ideas for the outdoor season

Flowers instead noodles

Needed for garden decoration:

Strainer, 3 pieces chain to the desired length (DIY), spray paint, colored cord, potting soil, plants, meat hooks

And here’s how:

1 At the hardware store can cut the chain in 3 pieces to the desired length. Then spraying with spray paint (for metal) and let dry.

2 With matching drawstring, atach the chains in a triangle on the colander with tight knot.

3 Put the potting soil into the strainer and plant your flowers.

4 Pull a butcher’s hook through the loose ends of the chains and hang it.

Tips for Garden Decoration: The ends of the cord merge under the cut with a lighter so they do not unraveling.

Stacked flower pots

Which is needed for garden decoration:

6 flower pots with holes, in different sizes, spray paint in various colors, metal rods (1 m; hardware store), potting soil, plants (hydrangea, etc.)

And here’s how:

1 Paint the flower pots in different color and leave to dry.

2 Dig a hole in ground, , put the pot and pound the pole into the ground. Stack all the pots and lean them

3 Fill the pots with potting soil. Start with the largest pot and the the rest of them

4Plant the flowers in the pots.That’s it!

Bird’s Tea Ceremony

Which is needed for the bird house:

Teapot, masking tape, cordless drill + wood and tile drill bits, wood slice, screws + screwdriver + hammer 2 nails, colorful rope, hay and possibly birds to decorate (craft store)

Which is needed for the feeding site:

massive table leg (for example, an old piece of furniture), acrylic paint, masking tape, Tea Cup + Saucer, possibly jigsaw, possibly brush, cordless drill + wood and tile drill bits, screws.

Bird house – here’s how:

1 Put 3 layers of masking tape on the bottom of the teapot so that the drill does not slip. Drill a a hole

2 Drill a hole in the piece of wood with the wood drill bit at the desired location.

3 Put 2 nails in the upper side. Knot the cords on the nails.

4 Screwed together wood slice and teapot very carefully. Install them on the wall wih cords

5 May populate the inside of the teapot with hay and a faux bird.

Feeding site – here’s how:

1 If necessary,cut a leg from a table with a jigsaw and paint it.

2 Dig a hole and put the table leg in it in the garden.

3 Drill holes  in the center of the saucer using 3 layers of masking tape. Some thing with the teacup.

4 Insert a long thin screw through cup and saucer very carefully (possibly pre-drill) into the top of the table leg.

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