Low-fat foods snacks – satisfied without gaining weight

Starvation was yesterday. At these snacks you can eat with a clear conscience satisfied without gaining weight.

Low-fat foods snacks
Potatoes With Cheese, Millet, Green Smoothies, Fruit-Yogurt, Lentils, Grapefruit, Carrot Apple Salad, Dried Apple Chips (from left to right)

Millet: The cereal of the gods sustainable saturates due to its swelling capacity and is extremely low in fat. Preparation: boil a cup of millet in two cups of water. The grain can be processed savory or sweet, as the basis for a salad or as a home cooked porridge with cinnamon and applesauce.
Grapefruit: Grapefruit considered true filling foods. Reason, the bitter compounds: lower insulin and cholesterol levels and ensure a fast entering, but long-lasting satiety.
Apple Chips: Healthy Alternative to nibble. The dietary fiber pectin contained in apples regulates blood sugar levels, promotes satiety and food cravings remain off. They are also easy to produce, : apple cut into thin slices and dry at about 50 degrees in the oven.
Lentil: Legumes provide a lot of fiber, which saturate in the long term and ensure a constant blood sugar level. At the same lenses are extremely low in calories and they contain very little fat.Whether or lentil stew – you must eat enough of it without hesitation.
Yogurt with fruit: Low fat yogurt contains a lot of lean protein, and the long saturates quickly. Caution is advised when sugar, otherwise the yogurt is fast becoming the calorie trap. Fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals., It offers itself as a perfect snack, supplies the body through the easily absorbable carbohydrates rapidly with energy. Fructose also curbs the appetite for sweets.
Apple and carrot raw food: Mix Grated apples and carrots with low-fat yogurt and lemon juice. Either with honey to taste sweet or savory seasoning with salt and pepper. Not only tastes good, but also keeps long enough due to high pectin content.
Potatoes with cheese: 100g Potatoes contain only 70 calories and thus offer a low calorie alternative to pasta. The starch contained saturated long term. A positive side effect of the high potassium content has a dehydrating effect. Low-fat cream cheese is also rich in L-leucine, an amino acid which ensures that muscles instead of fat is broken down.
Green Smoothies: (eg dandelion or chickweed) mixes Green leafy vegetables and wild plants with fruit, water and some almond butter. Not only tastes delicious but contains many important nutrients and phytochemicals that saturate long and are low in calories and low in fat.
This round supply of vital and health protective substances gives the human body a pleasant feeling of satiety. Because only the constant lack of this important, in today’s conventional diet, however flawed existing micro-nutrients leads to permanent appetite and food cravings

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