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How does a perm?
A permanent wave is formed in three steps: First, the hair is damp rolled on curlers. A corrugated medium is then applied to the hair. It breaks down the sulfur bridges in the hair, which normally provide for its stability. Absence of the cross-bracing, the hair is soft and malleable. Once the hair has been bent in the shape of the winder, a fixing agent is applied. It ensures that new sulfur bridges are established to obtain the new artificial curvature hair permanently. Important: Fresh perms must be treated very carefully. Initially, you should draw as little as possible or tug at your hair, otherwise the waves lose their bounce. Act adversely treatments and styling products you should also avoid the first two weeks so that the curls do not detach so quickly.
What is the difference between an alkaline and an acid perm?
The terms alkaline and acid refer to the pH of the perm. Alkaline or alkaline permanent waves have a pH value of 7.1 to 9 They are suitable for normal, colored, fine or heavy wellbares hair. There are also weakly basic perms with a pH of just over 7 Acid perms have a pH value of 6 to 6.9. This has the advantage that open the hair scales not too strong and the hair takes comparatively little damage. Acid perms are ideal for delicate, fine and porous hair. Even dyed hair can be permanently curled. In difficult wellbarem hair, thick and straight hair are not so good.
Determined as of the barber if I have behind small curls or big waves?
The strength of the waves or curls depending on the size of the winder. In general, the larger the winder, the weaker the curl – but the lower the durability. Since the hair for a permanent deformation must be strongly excited, the diameter of the winder is limited. Normal round permanent wave rollers are between 0.3 and 2 cm thick. There are also spiral curlers for ringlets and conical curlers for natural-looking waves.
Perms are also suitable for very long hair?
If your hair is longer than 30 inches, you should make no perm. Reason: The weight of the hair is too big. The curls would be to unhook quickly.
What to do if the perm grows out?
You have three options: You can either cut the permed part of the hair from. Or you can simply grow out the perm. Or make a permanent wave approach: the already permed hair while being protected by a rubber cap before re-perm. Otherwise they would break or split.
How damaging is a perm for the hair?
After a perm is disturbed by the restructuring of the bonds part of the natural protective layer of the hair. There is a risk that the hair is like straw, dry and brittle.
How can I avoid that my hair break of the perm?
Special spray and collagen are to protect the hair before the perm procedure. Also in the permanent wave liquid itself stuck-care agents. It is important that you provide your permed hair regularly with moisture and care substances. Shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair or curly mane protect your hair with herbal oils or liquid components, so they do not become brittle and dull. Once a week you should make an intensive conditioner. Important: Avoid with a fresh perm for at least a week to a colorant so as not to burden the hair and scalp twice. Avoid initially, styling and care products, so that the hair is not unnecessarily heavy and posted up.
Are there alternatives for curly hair friendly?
Curls are a good alternative for a day. You wrap your hair for a few hours, preferably overnight, on curlers or curlers. You can braid your hair into braids over night. The next morning only solve the braid, and always have your hair curled. If it is not fast enough, a curling iron offers. For light waves, you can also use a flat iron with serrated essay.
How can I straighten my hair gently?
There are now relatively friendly hair straightener with ceramic plates that evenly distribute the heat. However, you should absolutely apply before a heat protection spray or anti-frizz balm. Both create a wafer-thin protective film around each hair and thus ensure that the heat inflicts little damage as possible. For the love of your hair, you should use the straightener every day in any case. Acceptable for the hair care lines with smooth, special effect. Also, hair dryer, round brush, heating are well suited for smoothing krisseligen hair. Best before a leave-in treatment spray into the hair, it adds extra gravity.

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