Handmade cinnamon decorations for table, house, holidays

Handmade cinnamon decorations for table, house, holidays

I love to make handmade decorations, not only for my clients but for my family and my house too. And because I adore the looks and the smell of cinnamon sticks, I started to make little ornaments and in the end I couldn’t stop myself 🙂

I don’t have a step by step tutorial but I’ll show you what you need to make this simple yet beautiful decorations. You’ll need also a glue gun. All of the supplies can be found in craft stores or florist shops, offline or online (michaels.com, amazon.com, save-on-crafts.com). Of course you can make some changes if you need to.

Let me show you what you need to make this cinnamon decorations:

Cinnamon handmade decorations
Cinnamon handmade decorations

Cinnamon Terracotta Pot– cinnamon sticks, terracotta pot, twine, little insect, flowers, watering can from wood, metal or clay – all glued with glue gun;

Apple cinnamon Ornament – little cinnamon stick, a dried apple slice, twine for hanging – I made many of this model as Christmas ornaments;

Cinnamon Ball – I cut cinnamon sticks and I glued them on a brown painted styrofoam ball. I decorated with wooden beads.

Cinnamon Sticks Pouch – I sewed white and red felt as a little pouch, I painted some white dots, I put cinnamon sticks in and I tied with red cord. This is a Christmas ornament.

Cinnamon Lemon Slices Sandwich – I glued with a glue gun dried lemon slices over a cinnamon stick (front and back); I tied 2 of these togheter like a sandwich with orange raffia.

Cinnamon table decor
Cinnamon table decor

Cinnamon Candle Holder – I used cinnamon sticks glued onto a glass candle holder from IKEA;

Cinnamon and Roses Bouquet – white and yellow, made of paper small roses and cinnamon sticks glued together with hot glue, tied with ribbon

Lemon Cinnamon Ornament (set of 3) – 3 cinnamon sticks hot glued with a dried lemon slice on top finished with red ribbon;

Cinnamon Christmas Star – I made a star of cinnamon stick gled with glue gun; I coverd the end with twine and finished with wooden beds;

–  Cinnamon Lemon Topiary – the base was a glass candle holder (but you can use a small ceramic flower pot). I glued the sticks in the glass, covered with brown sisal and then lemon slices.

DIY cinnamon wreath
DIY cinnamon wreath

Apple, Pear and Cinnamon Wreath – I glued green sisal onto a straw wreath and then I glued some faux apples and pears and cutted cinnamon sticks tied with raffia cords;

Cinnamon Wreath – On a straw wreath base I glued many, many cinnamon little sticks and I decorated with wooden beads and some raffia;

Lemon and Cinnamon Wreath – straw wreath, dried lemon slices, cinnamon sticks, raffia bows;

Rustic Wreath – straw wreath, natur and orange raffia, golden painted nuts, pine cones, cinnamon sticks.

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