Host a Simple yet Beautiful Summer Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party means joy, entertainment  and all of the self-made invitation, the brightly decorated straws and fancy table setting. Our colorful decorating ideas for cocktail party are guaranteed to bring you mood.  The cocktails taste twice as good. Cheers!

How do you like our decorating ideas for cocktail party?

Invitation to glamour

Choose a template for the invitation to the cocktail party, print. You can use glitter and colored glue, beads, stamps. Choose a beautiful font for printing the text.

Host a Simple yet Beautiful Summer Cocktail Party
Host a Simple yet Beautiful Summer Cocktail Party

Party Garland

Print letters in circles for the party garland. Transferre  circles on cardstock, cut it out. Decorate with XXL stamps. Apply glue on edges then glitter dust. Allow to dry. Cut half a heart of honeycomb paper, fan out and stick to a circle. Draw circles on ribbon.

Top Ideas

Complete your decor with sweet umbrellas for drinks using paper cake lace doilies. Roll each doily into a cone and secure with tape. Put a drop of hot glue to the top of the ear-tip and push a wooden skewer stick. Allow to dry.

Felt Coaster

Cut felt from different colores half, quarter and eighth from circles. Form circles from different parts and stick together on a cork or cardboard coaster. Make different combinations.

Beautiful drink

Cut a 7 cm long and 5 cm wide crepe paper strips in fringe funny straws for a cocktail party. With adhesive tape stick them to the straw. you can atach paper flower. Insted of glasses you can use small jars or bottles.

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