How to treat pimples and dark circles on the face

Are you tired of applying foundation whenever you leave the house? Here are some tips that will help you get rid of pimples and dark circles.

Women with cucumbers on face
Women with cucumbers on face

Pimples and blemishes: Quick help bring a face mask with clay – Is anti-inflammatory and has an astringent effect, so that the healing process is accelerated, says beauty experts. Is there in any drug store or supermarket to buy.

Dark eye shadow: helps comes from the kitchen cupboard: “Place for a few minutes a brewed black tea bags on closed eyes – stimulates blood circulation in the area of ​​thin skin around the eyes and reduces dark circles and puffiness If you want to additionally cover up yet, may concealer use (eg.” Touche Éclat “by Yves Saint Laurent with light-refracting pigments).

Little tired eyes: Vitamin cream with vitamin A and C makes tired eyes quickly perk: “Vitamin A tightens the skin and vitamin C for optimum radiance, cooling masks alleviate further swelling If that’s not enough.” Put a bright points of light in the inner angle of the eye and mascara lashes with intense black mascara – for an irresistible eyelashes “.

Pale, pale skin: Your skin needs an extra boost of oxygen now!Vitamin cream increases the oxygen supply to the skin and gives it a rosy, healthy glow – Gently massage the cream from the center of the forehead to the cheeks with a circular motion. Tinted day cream or put a little easier sunless summer feeling to the pale winter skin (eg “Sun Jelly” by Marbert).

Brittle nails and torn cuticles: ”Nail Oil penetrates – in contrast to hand cream – deep in the nail bed and into the skin.” Simply massage thoroughly and leave overnight feeding using cotton gloves. (For example, “Mango Nail Serum” Alessandro, “Nail Repair Treatment Stick” of Artdeco).

Chapped lips: From now on you should always have your lip balm like to keep the delicate skin always smooth. Especially effective: Pins with aloe vera extracts and shea butter, the intense moisturization.

Dry Hair: Simple but effective: a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil as a hair mask. Provides a rich care and the lemon juice in particular has a slightly whitening effect. Contained Olive oil makes hair smooth, shiny and soft.

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