How to wear socks

Although often hide in shoes or under the trouser, socks are very important.  Here are the best tips on how to avoid missteps


Knee socks for mini skirt
Admittedly, the mini is already a popular and successful tool to attract men. But if you want to retire with knee socks and mini skirt, then think carefully about what kind of man can be impressed by something. In the cold winter, the skirt is so either in the closet or wear it with tights!

Frayed socks
In the morning because you never know when and where you will later take off the shoes – the doctor, the hospital, the shoe store, the new lover – you should immediately disconnect from broken socks. This saves you from feelings of shame, either against the doctor, the shoe seller or the new lover!

Visible in shoes
You have socks only for one purpose: to increase the comfort in shoes. Take sweat, prevent chafing, are comfortable on the foot. But it is expressly NOT fashion accessories and therefore belong exclusively in the shoe. No matter how small edge may see the light, otherwise they turn to dust! (Just kidding!) It just looks stupid, so let the footlet where he belongs. in the shoe!

To close Socks federal
They have washed it only once too hot and prompt your stocking has assumed the size of a baby sock? Then give it to your dear little niece or enter it directly in the bin rather than pinch off the blood vessels in the legs. Because that offers renowned for congestion and it does look to be pressed sausage. And, although you really have beautiful legs – so away with the too-tight socks!

Socks in Pumps
Once you have passed the age of five years, you should refrain from wearing socks in Pumps The same applies to pumps. What in little girls looks cute and adorable, looks awkward and wanted in women. A stylish alternative that are fancier and a little lace-up shoes with socks in the style of men’s shoes.

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