Recipes for slim-tips from pros

The trade journal “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” has published the best slimming strategies of a total of 1,100 successful customers. Here are the best tricks to lose weight, to prevent the yo-yo effect and the most effective tactics of both works.

Flat stomach women
Flat stomach women

Top Tips to Lose Weight

  • Always think of his new, thin I
  • Only access to healthy snacks
  • Avoid Sugary
  • Skipped any meal

Top Tips from the yo-yo effect  

  • Regularly for their own discipline reward (no, not with chocolate!)
  • Prefer protein-containing foods
  • Install a solid sports program everyday

Top tips for both

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce portion size of inserts
  • Write a shopping list and keep it exactly

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